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Jettack®- System


Servojet 1000


Technical data

  • Power input: 400V, 3AC N, 20KW, 35A
  • Working speed: 40 m/min – 170 m/min
  • Tape width: min. 40 mm – max. 90 mm
  • Tape length: min. 150mm – max. 9999mm



IPC Neubro

Via Touchpanel (8.4”),

Real input of individual production parameters

Individual machine function requests

Collection of tape processes statistics

Optional remote maintenance


QRC infrared emitter  (QRC = Quartz Reflective Coating)

Long life heating system – reflective coating

Simple heating element exchange



Complete operating system, servo technology

Maintenance free operating system with high precision

Modular design with up to 170 m/min processing speed (depending on tape lengths and processing speed)

Control of machine via IPC with a touch screen

Temperature led heating with QRC emitter system

Standby function for heating (no heating up phase when restarted)