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Who we are


Worldwide coverage with innovative technology

Tradition and innovation                                                                       

are Neubronner GmbH & Co. KG’s guiding principles in Oberursel (Taunus), Germany. Today, 82 employees produce paper products and machines for the packaging and cardboard industry using 18,000 square metres of production area.

Since 1905, NEUBRONNER has been dealing with the manufacturing of adhesive paper tape and today it is the only manufacturer of fibre-reinforced wet adhesive tape in Europe.

The product range comprises wet adhesive tape, particularly for fibre-reinforced designs used to seal folding shipment boxes made from corrugated cardboard and solid board, and other packaging made from paper and cardboard. Reinforcement, bundling and strapping products are also produced by NEUBRONNER. Heat sealable, fibre-reinforced adhesive tape to seal manufacturer’s joints of corrugated cardboard packaging are developed by NEUBRONNER and are produced here using the most modern systems. Veneer tape for the furniture industry, padded envelope paper and carrier bags from fibre-reinforced paper complete NEUBRONNER’s product range. All products can be printed and provided in up to 4 different colours.

The world-leading JETTACK® system to seal manufacturer’s joints is also developed by NEUBRONNER and has proven successful in the corrugated cardboard industry for many decades. The latest generation is serbo drives and these are controlled by industry PCs. NEUBRONNER also has solutions in the program for upgrades, modernizations and retrofitting.

Intensive research and development have brought Neubronner products to the latest technological levels, which today are a benchmark for the industry and have worldwide coverage. At the same time, the focus is on sustainability, eco-friendliness and recyclability. This is why NEUBRONNER and its products have been certified according to FSC standards since 2012.

With its own product development, its own laboratory, a reliable service team and an extremely high level of vertical manufacturing, individual client requests can be processed and fulfilled.

Day by day, employees provide for a high level of quality and delivery reliability. This is how many thousands of clients value the benefits of Neubronner branded products.


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